What is the perfect age for my child to start music lessons?

Whether you’re an adult wanting to start violin lessons, or you have a toddler begging to play the tuba, the question of “what is the perfect age to start music lessons?” has probably crossed your mind.

Like with most skills, the earlier you start the better, and I will be diving into that in detail, however, if you’re hoping to start in instrument at an older age don’t be discouraged! It’s never too late to start a new skill and music can provide a lifetime of enrichment no matter when you start.

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The ideal age to begin structured music lessons is three years old, but exposure to music and preschool music classes can start even earlier than that. Children from age three are developing very rapidly cognitively and learning a musical instrument at this age is similar to the way they learn to talk, so it becomes almost like second nature. However, this starting age is not static, it will also depend largely on the starting instrument of choice as well as the teachers preferences. Some teachers may prefer to only teach children from the age six when they enter grade one as they do not specialize in early childhood musical education.

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Lessons in instruments such as viola, harp, contrabass and many wind instruments can only be started once children are physically big enough to play them. However, the late starting age of some instruments shouldn’t prohibit children as young as three from starting music lessons, as there are many instruments that provide a solid base for musical knowledge such as piano or instruments such as recorder which to start on until flute or clarinet is possible. Preschool music, Mommy and Me or other interactive music classes also provide a great musical foundation for future learning.

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If you’re unsure when your child is old enough to play certain instruments, Liberty Park Music has a great guide that you can check out here!  https://www.libertyparkmusic.com/right-age-to-start-music-lessons-for-your-child/

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